Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go

Post by Steve on Wed Aug 10, 2016 1:00 pm

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is not fresh news. It has become one of the top rated and most popular games world-wide. What really is this craze and crave for Pokémon Go?

The popular Nintendo-built Pokémon which exploded in fame around the late 90s, has revived the game world with its latest GO version, and is taking the world by storm.

The Pokémon Go is apparently one of the series largest admittance into the mobile gaming. It is obtainable for a free download on Android and iOS. The game's fame at the moment is comparable to that of Twitter's daily active users on Android.

Pokémon Go is a game which utilizes a person's phone's GPS and clock to sense where the game player is within the game, and then conjures a Pokémon to "appear" around you within your phone screen. It is your mission to proceed in catching them. The Pokémon series and games happens in a world inhabited by strikingly powerful monsters. These game monsters can appear as rats, dragons, snakes, birds, eggs, trees, dinosaurs and even swords.

As you move within the game, several forms and numbers of Pokémon's will appear randomly near your location and your phone's time tracking. The main goal of the game is to inspire you to trip around the real world to catch a Pokémon while within the game scene. By utilizing your phone's capacity to track time and your location, Pokemon Go mirrors what it would be like if the monsters really were wandering around. The monsters must be caught and collected.

The principal entry of Pokémon games started with 151 creatures. However the catalog has since evolved to more than 720. With the Pokémon Go, only the original 151 creatures are accessible.

Pokémon Go is now fulfilling the fantasies that Pokémon fans world-wide have had since the game's first launch. It is a hot game for adventurous game players, and is one of the free trending games currently available. Fans should play now if they haven't yet.

Further than attaining childhood dreams, Pokémon Go is everybody's intro into a new kind of game that connects the real world with a virtual one which is also referred to as Augmented Reality.

Why play this game? Since everyday activities can get boring, it can get better by spicing it up with the new craze, Pokemon Go!

Are you a Pokemon fan? Why not download the free Pokemon Go app now available on your phone at Google Play store? New e-books for training and tricks are now available at amazon.com.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Jessie_Wright/2305732
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Re: Pokemon Go

Post by Claraviolet on Wed Aug 24, 2016 6:13 am

Beware of the fake pokemon go games too. I didn't know that the ratings can be manipulated too. After all, it's not easy to create thousands of "valid" fake accounts and such just to manipulate the rating. It looks like a real piece of work though. liking ads on behalf of the user huh? I don't know how they can do that without getting users attention to the opened windows.

Well, I will keep in mind about these apps and I do have a habit of checking apps and processes. Anyway, download games carefully and do not go for fake apps. Just adding more information to steve's post so that people can get an idea about pokemon go.
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Re: Pokemon Go

Post by Shole on Wed Aug 24, 2016 8:07 am

Pokemon go is a fun app, just need to be careful where you walk. I had to grab my friend a few times not to cross on a red light or jaywalk xD
If you like the cartoon you will love the game.
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Re: Pokemon Go

Post by Rashavi on Wed Sep 07, 2016 1:57 pm

Almost all of my friends who couldn't stop talking about this game just a few weeks ago have largely stopped playing it. I don't get myself sucked into any of the newest phone app fads. They don't last long and I'm not going to waste my time.
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